A Summary of Phase A: Week 1

This week in class we began the basics of the German numbers as well as the pronunciations of the alphabet. Many of the letters are pronounced rather similarly to that of the English letters, so that made it easier to get down quickly. The number system of counting is actually surprisingly easy (once you get the basics down) for the larger numbers are very logistic as you would practically add say 1 and 20 together to make 21 (kind of like an easy math equation). So, 21 would be, einundzwanzig! We also learned some other basic vocabulary and verbs as well as some words that relate to our major.

Woche Einz:

American- der Amerikaner

Football- der Fußball

Sports- der Sport

Exercise- die Bewegung

Nutrition- die Ernährung

Scout- der Aufklärer

To Look- sehen

Monday – Montag

Tueday- Dienstag

Wednesday- Mittwoch

Thursday- Donnerstag

Friday- Freitag

Saturday- Samstag

Sunday- Sonntag

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