Week 4: Begining Phase B

This week we have begun Phase B. In phase be we will be beginning our projects with our groups and will make a presentation about Beer in some way. My gruppe is going to be explaining to the class how the beer is made, chemically. We will be incorporation simple sentences to explain how the beer is made to the class using the tenses that we have learned thus far.

Ich wolle der Gutgemachtsatz (well made sentence?) benutzen.

We also learned about German phone numbers and watched a video about a family business who brews das Biobier!

For this week I had made a chart of some common verbs that I conjugated in practice of conjugation of regular verbs along with some important phrases that are necessary in every day speaking:

DSC_0042 DSC_0043

Also, this video:



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Phase A Week 3 Review!

In our classes we have been playing with cards recently! Das Kartenspiel! Up to this point we have used both Automobiles and now Breweries. To go along with the card games we have learned more questions and we have also introduced a new grammatical concept of the present perfect! Ich habe die Katze verkauft! We also have gone over the different cases that affect the articles der, die, and das. These cases would be Nominative, Dative, Accusative, and Genitive. In the respective order the articles change to the following:





We have also been applying what we have learned while watching videos and reading diagrams on science things like Wind energy and Solar energy while also practicing fractions and more math equations.

Some more words!

January – Januar

February – Februar

March – März

April – April

May – Mai

June – Juni

July – Juli

August – August

September – September

October – Oktober

November – November

December – Dezember

To compare – vergleichen

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Review of Phase A: Week 2

Es ist die Woche Zwei.

This week we went over basic questions and answers such as names, numbers, majors and more. We used questions such as:

Was ist Ihr Name? – Ich heißen Blake.

Woher kommen Sie? – Ich komme aus Colfax.

Wie alt sind Sie? – Ich bin 19 Jahre.

Was studieren Sie? – Ich studiere Sportswissenschauften.

Wie viele Kontakte haben Sie auf Linked-In? Ich habe null Kontakte.

Was ist Ihre Lieblingsfarbe im Spektrum? Ich liebe Blau.

We also went over factional arithmetic! This was very nice to learn because I am currently taking a statistics class and as the math is easier in the beginning of the term, it is easier to be able to say the equations in German as I write them down in my homework.

Mehr Worte:

Blue- das Blau

Green- das Grün

Red – das Rot

Yellow – das Gelb

Orange – das Orange

Purple – das Lila

Pink – das Rosa

White – Das Weiß

Black – das Schwarz

Brown – das Braun

Grey – das Grau

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A Summary of Phase A: Week 1

This week in class we began the basics of the German numbers as well as the pronunciations of the alphabet. Many of the letters are pronounced rather similarly to that of the English letters, so that made it easier to get down quickly. The number system of counting is actually surprisingly easy (once you get the basics down) for the larger numbers are very logistic as you would practically add say 1 and 20 together to make 21 (kind of like an easy math equation). So, 21 would be, einundzwanzig! We also learned some other basic vocabulary and verbs as well as some words that relate to our major.

Woche Einz:

American- der Amerikaner

Football- der Fußball

Sports- der Sport

Exercise- die Bewegung

Nutrition- die Ernährung

Scout- der Aufklärer

To Look- sehen

Monday – Montag

Tueday- Dienstag

Wednesday- Mittwoch

Thursday- Donnerstag

Friday- Freitag

Saturday- Samstag

Sunday- Sonntag

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Individual Assessment

My learning outcomes that I wish to achieve mirror that of the learning outcomes that are on the syllabus. I would like to learn phrases and sentences that have to do with every day communication because I feel like that is an important tool to have especially if I am able to travel. Such things would include asking directions and recommendations etc. Simple phrases of this is very realistic to achieve.

I would like my evaluation to be as it is stated on the syllabus. I would love to push myself further to learn more, however with three other classes and working up to 20 hours a week it is difficult to be able to commit to much more and still strive to fully understand what I can learn.

I am taking a German Conversations class that will be able to help me learn, retain, and utilize what I have learned or need to learn to further my understanding of the language.

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