Phase A Week 3 Review!

In our classes we have been playing with cards recently! Das Kartenspiel! Up to this point we have used both Automobiles and now Breweries. To go along with the card games we have learned more questions and we have also introduced a new grammatical concept of the present perfect! Ich habe die Katze verkauft! We also have gone over the different cases that affect the articles der, die, and das. These cases would be Nominative, Dative, Accusative, and Genitive. In the respective order the articles change to the following:





We have also been applying what we have learned while watching videos and reading diagrams on science things like Wind energy and Solar energy while also practicing fractions and more math equations.

Some more words!

January – Januar

February – Februar

March – März

April – April

May – Mai

June – Juni

July – Juli

August – August

September – September

October – Oktober

November – November

December – Dezember

To compare – vergleichen

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