Welcome to ‘Woodland Stories’ by OSU  Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Program

Take a walk in the woods with a small woodland owner. Hear about the wildlife, trees, and dreams of these people and their woodlands. Woodland Stories is an audio tour of the forest from the perspective of family forest owners.  These are stories about building your own cabin, planting trees by hand, watching an eagle’s nest, and so much more.

Who is a woodland owner?

A small woodland owner is someone who owns 10-5,000 acres of forestland. These landowners own and manage their property with a diverse array of goals and interests. For example, some people enjoy enhancing wildlife habitat or increasing productivity of their land. The term woodland owner is what many private forest landowners call themselves. However, people also identify with tree farmer, family forest owner, and more. Oregon has over 60,000 small woodland owners.


  • The Woodland Stories project goal is to provide awareness and knowledge of Oregon’s small woodland owners motivations and diverse management objectives.
  • The stories will provide cultural information about this population which will aid in preserving the stories and management objectives of woodland owners, communities, and serve as an archive for future generations.

A special thank you to the Oregon Forest Resources Institute for funding this project.

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The voices of Oregon's small woodland owners