I’d rather be here than on a beach

We take a walk and four wheeler ride with Dan on his property on Oregon’s North Coast.

Dan rides a four-wheeler around trails of his land finding new things nearly every day. He describes trees he planted after coming home from work over the past decade. He says “I can visualize that tree, or this tree, or that tree over there, when I planted it. It’s just kind of satisfying to look back and say hey, there it is!” Looking back at the changes he has made on the land, from a field of invasive species to a thriving forest, Dan finds a kind of therapy and satisfaction from working on his woodland.  A statement to his dedication to the land he says “I haven’t ever made any money on this place, probably won’t live long enough to. But you know what’s a psychologist charge, per hour? What’s it worth to your mental health just to be happy with what you’re doing?”

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7 thoughts on “I’d rather be here than on a beach”

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  2. Expressed the sentiments of many of us !

    Wish there were visuals to go with the audio on these stories . . .

  3. Dan’s love of the place really shows. As a woodland owner, I share his sentiments. Is there any way to record short videos in a few spots as you walk with woodland owners? We can hear the footsteps, but want more.

  4. Such a great story! You can really tell how much pride he has for his land. Especially how he says that he finds new things every day and that it never gets old. Very cool.

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