Our favorite place on earth

Listen as we talk with Tom and Cindy about their land, their favorite place on earth.

Tom and Cindy at their property.

This story begins in 1863 when Tom’s great-great-grandfather purchased a homestead in the Walla Walla Valley. Tom, his wife Cindy, and their family now manage the land that has been passed down through four generations. Their grandson now helps tend the forest helping to make their forest more resilient to forest fire, insects and disease. The family dearly loves their property, which overlaps between Washington and Oregon. Tom says, “It was my grandfather’s favorite place on earth, and it’s my favorite place on earth.” Cindy agrees, “And it’s mine, and I think I could probably say it’s the children’s too.”  From huckleberries and mushrooms, to wolves and turkeys this land seems to have it all. Tom says, “If we had a Type II stream with trout running through it, it would be perfect.”

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8 thoughts on “Our favorite place on earth”

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  2. Love the different story’s and what different woodland owners are doing on there property, and how they are sharing the love of the outdoors with there family.

  3. This is such a cool story! When they were talking about their grandchildren and children enjoying their land it reminded me of the land my family owns and how I grew up exploring our land and how lucky I am to have that in my life.

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