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This three session webinar series is offered by Oregon State University‚Äôs Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) Extension agents Alicia Christiansen (Douglas County) and Norma Kline (Coos & Curry Counties). During this course we will cover commonly available digital mapping applications and how to integrate them into your daily land management activities. This series will be useful for beginning to more advanced users; we will cover the basics and discuss special applications as well. Don’t have a smart phone or tablet? This course might help you decide if a “smart” device would be a useful tool in your woodland toolkit. Don’t have cell service at your woodland property? We will cover applications that allow you to view and interact with digital maps without cell service!

We don’t have a class scheduled right now. Please view recordings of the series under the Class Materials tab.

View the Articles under the Digital Mapping Article Series tab.

Class 1 : The basics: Navigation. Locating and mapping specific features on your property. Simple calculations to help characterize your property. Estimating acres of stands, damage/invasive species, pastures, meadows, etc. Calculating distance of features like roads, trails, fences, elevations.

Class 2 : Applying the basics to monitor unique issues and change. We will also cover special apps for specific purposes.

Class 3 : Taking the data from your app to your computer and integrating information into your management plan. Additional Resources.

See the Classroom Materials page here for additional resources and recordings of each session.

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