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Class 1


Land Survey and Mapping: An Introduction for Woodland Owners

Additional Reading:

Digital mapping tools, part 1 basics:

Class Recording:

Homework (Homework is optional to help you get comfortable with the things we learned in class):

• Get out on your property and map something easy, like your driveway, front yard, etc.

• Familiarize yourself with your phones pre-loaded mapping app and try downloading and using Avenza.  

Class 2

Class Recording (link has been corrected, let us know if there are still problems):

Homework: Using Avenza, practice attaching a photo to a point. This can be just a practice exercise, or you can establish a photo point on your property for something you’re interested in monitoring or documenting. 

Read Digital Mapping Part 2 article and practice printing out a topo map at home.

Dropping a placemark where you want it in Avenza. Avenza has different GPS compass options that will determine how your current location (blue dot) is positioned on the screen in reference to “center”. At the bottom left corner of the map screen in Avenza, you will find a GPS compass symbol (this symbol will look a little different in Android versus iOS). Select this GPS compass symbol to toggle between settings, you will find that one setting will fix the round cross-hair in the center of the screen which will likely not be the same location as your current location (blue-dot). Keep selecting the GPS compass symbol to toggle between the settings and you will find a setting that moves your blue location dot to the center of the screen (there might be a lag time as it locates). Whichever setting you choose, it is important to note that when adding a placemark, it will be located at the map location at screen center.  If your goal is to drop a placemark at your current location (blue dot), then choose the setting that centers your blue dot at screen center. But please note, if you zoom-in you might re-position your map (moving the blue dot way from center) and the placemark will not be placed on your current location and will instead be placed at the round cross-hair in the center of the screen. For more on the GPS and compass features see the following tutorials from Avenza:

Avenza tutorial iOS:

Avenza tutorial Android:

Class 3

Class Recording:

Homework: Export a feature from Avenza into Google Earth or Google Earth Pro. Hint: remember that emailing these files to yourself is an easy way to transfer the data from your phone/tablet to your desktop computer. Explore CalTopo and check out the profile tool on an area of interest.

For those who are really feeling confident and want to tie all of these concepts together, use Avenza to map a feature on your property. Then export the information into Google Earth (or Pro), then incorporate this map into your forest management plan.

Additional reading:

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