Hubspot Social Media Certification Program: Is it worth it?

All About Hubspot’s Social Media Certification Program


I recently completed the Social Media Certification through Hubspot and I am here to share my review of the process with you. I found the certification to be relatively easy, the videos while cumbersome, were informative and reinforced a lot of what I have learned already in other digital marketing courses. Someone could easily finish the certification in a day, I had originally planned to complete it piece by piece but I actually forgot about it and ended up doing it over two evenings.


The Pros and Cons

I liked that the videos allowed me to choose the speed for playing time because they were a little slow for me to follow without increasing the speed. In addition, I liked how in Hubspot’s video lessons they integrated both lecture style and powerpoint images with definitions, key facts and important information to write down. I did not like how some of their “quiz yourself” questions were phrased because I got some of the questions wrong, despite understanding the material, due to discrepancies in verbiage. Further, in their video lessons Hubspot relied on examples that were internal in nature and thus harder to understand than, perhaps, broader examples that would be more easily identifiable within the audience. Lastly, I found Hubspot’s video lessons to be highly repetitive (throughout the certification process), which could be unattractive to some.


What I Learned

Most of what I learned was in terms of application rather than theory, I felt that I was already familiar with most of the marketing theories and concepts discussed, but I liked hearing about real-world application and how that can vary from theory. For instance, I learned that for Facebook the best posting time is between 1-4pm on weekdays and 12-1pm on weekends. Whereas on Instagram, posts do the best on Mondays and Thursdays anytime except 3-4pm. One term that Hubspot’s lesson coined was “social listening,” which they defined as observing conversations relevant to or about the brand. Data gained from social listening is used to gauge consumer perceptions, as well as provide an understanding on brand reputation and how to move forward with next steps. In addition I liked how Hubspot defined Google advertisements as “intent” based, whereas Facebook advertisements as grounded in consumer “interests.” Finally, I learned the term “life time value” which is measured by average yearly revenue x average lifespan of customer subtract the cost.


To Recommend or Not Recommend?

In conclusion, I believe that this certification would be most useful for entry-level marketers who do not already have a lot of education within the discipline. Nonetheless, on a scale of 1-5 I would by at a level 5 in my likeliness to recommend this program to others. Despite my frustrations, the program is completely free which makes it very accessible for pretty much anyone and a valuable resource for those who do not have access to formal higher education or training.


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