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A trend lately in the automotive industry is artists using 3D rendering programs such as Autodesk’s 3D Max, Sketchup, Rhino and even Adobe Photoshop to remake various different cars (Novitsky). They can either be tasteful or offensive to car enthusiasts. The rendered cars could have a massively wide body kit, a van that is turned into a monster truck or even be flying because it has thrusters. There are endless opportunities when it comes to the world of car renderings.

When it comes to designing cars, it first started with concept drawings with paper and pencil. As technology advanced, with the rise of computers, 3D rendering became the main tool when it comes to designing cars (Novitsky). Rendered designs allow designers to experiment and show more of their design compared to pencil and paper. Sometimes on paper it is harder to create what envision and put it all on paper. It is an expression of their artistic soul and creative mind.  

Since renderings have become the norm now for those who design cars or car parts, designers are able to become more experimental and create more content (Novitsky). Drawing and sketching concepts takes a longer time on paper compared to creating renders. It is also easier to go back and fix whatever mistakes. Technology is more forgiving than paper and pencil. There are some car enthusiasts that create renders to save money on car parts. They can render any parts that are in the market such as  wheels, fenders, hood scoops, etc., to see what it would look like on their car and to save money. Car enthusiasts who are tech-savvy like to create either new concept cars or concept body kits and share it to the other car enthusiasts in the world. It is an expression of their artistic soul and creative mind.  

BradBuild Widebody BMW M4 Camper renders 3D Youtube Tesla Model S Off-roading Camper Outdoors BFGoodrich

For this article, I would like to feature Bradbuilds. Brad is a Instagram user and car enthusiast who creates concept art mostly art/renders via 3D modeling (Laurel). The work that he creates and renders is different from everyone. He takes original cars and renders the car to be something completely different from what the original designers wanted the car to be. For example, the new BMW M4 is seen to be a high end daily driven car or a track car but he would turn it into a truck/rally car by adding meatier tires, increasing the suspension height of the car and lastly, adding a camper (Laurel). The little campers are equipped with a kitchenette and a bed with little solar panels that would power the kitchenette (Laurel). He went to college but dropped to pursue a full career as a concept artist due to the successful renders he created while in college. On his Instagram page, you can see he has worked on a bunch of different cars, from classic Nissans and Toyotas to luxurious BMW and Audi cars. His classic style is to give the cars a wide body treatment. Sometimes he would post polls on Instagram to have his fans to help pick what parts would be used in the final version of the render. 

r/Stance - 1st Karma bodykit in the U.S. Wekfest LA @flpdrm

With the endless possibilities with 3D rendering programs. Sometimes the renders we see on the interweb can be turned into reality. Monaco Auto Design is a company that started from an idea, to create automotive design and to experiment with renderings(Monaco Auto Design). They recognized the need for high quality digital renderings and decided to create premium renderings for the automotive industry. After a period of time, one of their works became popular and the car enthusiasts around the world were ecstatic about it (KARMA Widebody Kit – Exclusive Distributor). The widebody render of the BRZ/FRS series grabbed the attention of DSG Performance and decided to make that render come to life(Monaco Auto Design). The rendered body kit was then manufactured and sold as the KARMA body kit for the BRZ/FRS series. The body kit features cleans lines, with wide arches and it was really something different from the other body kits that were in the market (KARMA Widebody Kit – Exclusive Distributor). It was a body kit that completely changed the way of how the BRZ/FRS series looked. The kit included a front bumper with a diffuser, rear bumper with a diffuser, over fenders for both the rear and front, side skirts with an underboard, a ducktail wing, and lastly the KARMA Emblem(KARMA Widebody Kit – Exclusive Distributor). Majority of the renders are usually just pictures. Recently these renders have been taken to a newer level. 


Since these renders are created in the third dimension, this new wave of rendered automotive content has completely upgraded. Instead of pictures, people are now creating videos to present their redereings. This is a big improvement since viewers are able to imagine what it would look like while they are the roads, while being driven. These rendered videos allow the viewers to see more details and thought that has been put into the cars.  Artists like BradBuilds have picked up this concept as well. The person who made this concept popular on social media is Vishnu Suresh, better known as Zephyr_Designz on Instagram. Like other 3D renderers, his content was mainly images of his rendered cars. Since he has some experience in creating videos, he decided to combine the two together to create these awesome 3D animations of concept cars.

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