Art in the Car Industry

Oil Painting on Canvas 'Drift Day', Medium Original Wall Art of car, Modern  Hand Painted Home Decor for Living Room by Mari Gru - Mari Gru Studio

The automotive scene has been continuously growing throughout the world. It has an effect on virtually every single person on the planet. The scene has seen to be that it has influenced or had a part in influencing almost every other industry. Automotive scene has influenced and inspired different artistic mediums such as TV shows, movies, books magazines, photography and art. Without the industry, movies and TV shows would have been completely different.

It has created an influence of cars on people, society and culture. Especially in this country, cars have remarkably become integrated not only into society but it also became part of culture. The design of cars begins with a concept that is either drawn or shaped. Countless of artists are not only inspired to have cars in their art, but they also have been inspired to do art solely because of their love for cars. As the car scene grows, the amount of car art grows as well.

There are a lot of artists especially on Instagram that post commissioned drawings of other peoples cars or simply just drawing of cars on the daily. One artist that I want to feature is Andy Ciger or _subclass which is what he is known for on Instagram. I want to feature him because he created his own unique style that is different from other artists on Instagram. Ciger is from a small village in the middle of Slovakia. He started creating art during high school and went to college for a few years but dropped out to continue to create art and as well as some freelance work.

His style is similar to comic books. It is a minimalistic art style where he uses minimalistic lines to create the form or shape of the various cars he draws. Unlike other artists found on Instagram, he draws the cars as well as different background scenarios for each drawing. The car could either be on the street, parked in a garage or in front of a convenience store. Along with his drawings, he creates small graphics that are inspired by the graphics from the 80’s and 90’s. Just from drawing cars for fun and commissions, he got the opportunity to work alongside big companies such Nike, Puma and a little car magazine called XSMAG. He creates and designs graphics and illustrations for their social media platforms. Since he is a freelancer, he spends the majority of his time generating ideas for the future of his brand. Recently, he created a calendar for XSMAG where he features his drawings for each month. His work is fantastic and I suggest that you should check out his artwork and give him some support. He has a lot of ideas planned for the future. 

Moving away from drawings, there are different artists that come  from YouTube that create and design their own brand. You could simply call them YouTubers but I see them as artists since they design and produce their own products. This crowd of YouTubers I am talking about are the car YouTubers.

The products they put out are things such as stickers, decals and even clothing for the car community. In many different areas of the country, there are a variety of car crews. Usually each car crew would create their own merchandise and sell them to their fans and help exploit themselves as a group.

Good Times W/ Good Friends - WekFest San Jose 2018 - YouTube

I have followed this group since the beginning, Illiminate, they are a group of friends that are located in San Jose, California. They work collaboratively to design and sell clothing and they started by selling their products locally from the trunk of their cars. They used the money to grow, to design and to create more products. Products such as stickers/decals, lanyards, license plates frames and etc. After two years, they decided to create a YouTube channel to attract and gain a new audience for their products.


YouTube was a gateway for them to expand their brand. They were successful since each individual was funny and unique which together makes an entertaining group to watch grow. Nowadays people who are in the car scene know them because of how popular they are on YouTube; reaching almost 1 million subscribers. Their success allowed them to build cars as well as buying their dream cars. Sometimes they would build a car and give them away to one of their viewers in a giveaway to thank them for their support. 

Your Chance To Win A Vortech Supercharged Subaru BRZ Thanks to ILLIMIN –  Vortech Superchargers

There are so many artists who love and draws cars nowadays. Going on the car illustrations hashtag on Instagram, you can see the variety of different styles of art, created with different mediums, traditional or digital mediums. 

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