Official Session Name: (4pm)
Game mechanics used for learning – Douglas Whatley (CEO Breakaway)

Really interesting talk – exploring how “game mechanics” themselves can (and should) affect the player.

Ecampus Takeaway:
This session really nailed the idea that the ever-popular “jeopardy trivia game” is just a damned training exercise. It doesn’t involve true “learning,” and isn’t really a game! (Boom!)

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Official Session Name: (2:30pm)
“How to Create an Effective Sim/Game Strategy”

Christopher Hardy, a repected dude from Defense Acquisition University (DAU), talks about what they’ve learned. How they are much like corporate training (for many US Government agencies). Key difference is: Their students HAVE to take and pass their classes. … much more…

Ecampus Takeaway:
“Have a use case. Don’t build a game where all they learn is the game.” (and much more… this talk was gold)

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Official Session Name: (1:30)
B-HIVE: A Human Behavioral Definition Simulation Environment

The guy who created DigiPen basically tells his life story (which is damned cool, honestly), rambled slightly about cool work he’s done for various government agencies, then talked about machine learning project he’s pioneered.

Ecampus Takeaway:
“Have the student make the game – that is the way to teach them”

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Official Session Name: (11:30am)
Strategicplay® with LEGO® Serious Play®

Summary / Ecampus Takeaway:
We were given bags of LEGOs, and went through some exercises to show us how using your hands can help anyone with thinking and communication. (mostly bizarrely worthless to me. but led to a good quick chat with a neighbor, who suggested many cool projects/links)

Session was basically being a big advertisement for their wacky consultant service(ugh), but got good leads accidentally from neighbor.

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Official Session Name: (9am)
The Serious Games Market : Segment Size (and Where Opportunity Lies)

Marketing folks rambled about marketing crap, and I worried I was at the wrong conference (until a following session, where I confirmed I was in the right place).

Ecampus Takeaway:
The interesting thing about this conference was how it threw such a diverse group into the same room (from corporate training tool marketers to educational researchers to military contractors).

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Warning: I’ll be posting all my notes from the excellent 2011 Serious Play Conference (a three day event hosted at DigiPen, which I attended in August).

I’ve tried to do this for several other conferences I’ve attended over the past 2 years, and each time I end up getting distracted before I finish covering the event (usually due formatting photos, or worrying over the text summaries).

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speeches you may find interesting:

* This one’s about diagnosing learning disorders based on behavioral observation
(and how crazy that is – when you can look at the brain directly)
Aditi Shankardass: A second opinion on learning disorders
mostly about diagnosis.

* This one is about alternate approaches to learning in poor countries. kinda rambling. but. curious if anyone agrees with his criticisms of modern school systems. His talk is so global i’m kinda like “uh, ok. guess I’ll take your word for it, Dude”
Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums

(…and when anyone starts talking about “throwing out the established in favor of gambling on something new,” I get very nervous that they might be overlooking old-system side effects which may be invaluable). (i’m reminded of the Philip K. Dick story Progeny, wherein we decide it’s really best that robots raise all out children, since we keep “screwing them up” with faulty parenting. sinister).