Official Session Name: (1:30)
B-HIVE: A Human Behavioral Definition Simulation Environment

The guy who created DigiPen basically tells his life story (which is damned cool, honestly), rambled slightly about cool work he’s done for various government agencies, then talked about machine learning project he’s pioneered.

Ecampus Takeaway:
“Have the student make the game – that is the way to teach them”

Raw Notes:
Claude is back to talk serious play. asks us not to take photos, and mentions this talk could not be recorded.

“Lebanon is not a sandy dune. It is the alps, unto the sea. Two of them” (he grew up in Lebanon).

When not in college, he was on the front. This is where his engineering started. Bombs had to go over the mountains.
Went to Japan for 9 years (more college, after learning language)

This guy had jobs but no workers. He was one of the architects of Nintendo’s nintendo64. Started 3D gaming in 91. (“way before quake…”).

Tells strange story of boeing coming ton him with the simple word “heuristic” to describe their problem, and asking him to go nuts working on it. His guesses were right, so they asked him to write more. Ended up making a system that could predict where people would sit based on personality. He called it hlpl : high level programming language. Boeing put a wrapper around it called something similar. This is the basis for B-hive.

Gives example of using the system with Lotus to predict race track decisions in real time. Doesn’t “solve” anything, but gives better idea of gambles. And updates the sim in real time, during the race.

“You can’t fool kids. Anyone here in edutainment is going to go bankrupt.
Make the kids make games. That is the way to teach them.

Shows some simple examples of neural networks (learning and guessing at basic math concepts) (and class grading). Runs out of time.

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