Warning: I’ll be posting all my notes from the excellent 2011 Serious Play Conference (a three day event hosted at DigiPen, which I attended in August).

I’ve tried to do this for several other conferences I’ve attended over the past 2 years, and each time I end up getting distracted before I finish covering the event (usually due formatting photos, or worrying over the text summaries).

So this time, I’m going to…

  • blast through and put everything up first,
  • then offer an easy to digest summary for people who don’t care that much about all the details (I hope to make something appropriate for the OSU Ecampus PDT blog).
  • AND THEN i hope to come back and refine these posts. (cutting the text down, and inserting blurry iPhone photos or drawings).

This might be a mistake, because it will all be indexed initially… but. whatever. more important to share the data than to sweat the indexing. I think.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to present notes from a few dozen sessions – please let me know!

my goal is share what I learned with co-workers, and maybe give the world a sense of what the conference was like (especially if they’re considering attending next year).

here we go…

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