quick project overview:
Virtual reality walking tour for distance students, prospective students, any students, and anyone else. Lets you control time of day/year and access rare and restricted areas.
We used Ricoh Theta S camera, Google Cardboard(s), Unity 3D, and Agisoft PhotoScan software.
Team: Warren Blyth, Ben Brewster, Dorothy Loftin, R. John Robertson, Tianhong Shi, and Victor Villegas
Team name that nobody approved: Pied Pipesters

(Quick notes for Presentation)


“Teleport to Oregon State”

Provide a Virtual Campus (walking) Tour for Ecampus online students, or anyone interested in OSU

1. Save visitors time and money
(don’t have to buy plane ticket, or take vacation time off work)
Behind MU : Cardboard App (screens), 360 video

Ricoh Theta s Ref: MU Inside (raw)

2. Time Travel
(don’t be stuck with a single “Summer Weekend Visit” version of OSU. Let visitors change time of day, or time of year. Maybe even go back to 1868, the 60s, or forward 20 years)

3. Record campus as it evolves
(we can all add props, and go back and add more every couple years.)
Example: construction

4. Gather Souvenirs
(a reason to engage with the tour instead of passively watching video. frisbee, football, drone, magnifying glass, rain cloud)
Example: tree (Alan, best quality). Google Cardboard (Dorothy, First day using PhotoScan), Bites M&M Display (Dorothy also)

(View in separate AR app, on your couch – SouvinAR? BeaveAR?)

5. Alternate Tours
(Spooky Halloween tour. Weird basements (seattle underground). College Specific?)
Example: SCAR Linus Pauling

Next steps:
Build basic bones of OSU campus. Everyone can add small detailed “props” (or “souvenirs”).

More raw examples:

OSU fight song:

MU front

MU behind

OSU Archives


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