WebEx Training Days (2pm)

All osu employees have access to setup webex meetings. The main place we will be working is in the meeting center tab. There is also “Support” for CN, “Events” for campus events from president, and “Training” for students.

* First, get webex plugin productivity tools for Outlook (they have Windows and Mac).
go to oregonstate.webex.com to get plugin
In “Meeting center” tab, click “Downloads” in left column.
Under “Productivity Tools,” choose your system then click download.
(if you want to try iPad version, “Cisco WebEx Meetings” is the app name)

After it is installed, create a normal outlook appointment, as you normally would (? don’t we have to email request to meeting room for approval?). Maybe put webex in location slot as a tip to recipients.
Click “Add WebEx Meeting” button in top bar (of your new plugin). You are doing this to generate the url which attendees will click.

* Suggests changing premeeting amount to 15 minutes. other wise people will just get a screen with a countdown until meeting is scheduled to be available. better to let them in so they can get comfy.

* If you join with phone audio, it is 4 cents per minute. Toll free is 9 cents (but disabled for now. IT is figuring it out. Sounds like we can contact them for a 415 number, but they will use an index number to set it up for us). And that is per person!

Note: might want to disable beep and name announce. Suggests “no tone”
Note: it will let you setup meeting for someone else’s calendar (like, secretary).
Note: it lets you set alternate hosts, so they can host for you if you’re late.

To invite, hit the save button, and it should populate into your work in progress meeting request.

* Next to person name is icon for headset or phone, to show how they are connected to the audio. Headset is for internet. So you can msg people to tell them when the meeting is about to begin, and ask them to join audio.

If you dial in on phone, it will ask you to enter your “attendee ID” – so it can marry the name on screen to call in (otherwise caller is anonymous).

People can always take themselves off mute in a meeting. (“Events” don’t allow this) because this tool wants to encourage collaboration.
But you can right click on someone to mute, or right click first green talker and choose mute all to turn all off quickly. This won’t affect the speaker.

Anyone can join these things. Host has to be osu employee, but anyone can join. And take the ball…

* Notes when you share ppt file, there is a button to view your ppt notes (embedded. Audience cant see).

* If you record, it is stored in kaltura.
Auto uploads at media.oregonstate.edu (but not automatically made public).

Advanced (3pm)

* “edit > preferences” :
Can turn on sound for when people raise their hand. (Which only plays for you).

* Your preferences persist across meetings. Don’t have to set them up each time.

* “Automatically advance pages” makes a slide show
Suggests making a PowerPoint set that counts down from ten. Set one minute delay, and it is visual reminder. (like, if you’re taking an intermission. or group work time)

* “Participant > expel” will kick people. They can come back. But you can choose “Meeting > restrict access”

Can change participant privileges. Uncheck view participiant list and they wont see who else is there, but you can.

Top right triangle offers more panels.

Q: Can you chat with one person? Solo chat?

Under the training tab, downloads, you can download polling tool.
Can save as , poll results, to view later.

Q: Mobile folks cant take polls?
(Or access web content share)

(Share > web content)

* You can assign privileges for “any document” (and annotate) to let them draw on white board.
Can turn on “any page” to let them advance slides.

* If you schedule meeting through web page, you can go to advanced scheduler and under “meeting options” you can make a (already uploaded) file push to everyone when they join.
This is an advanced way to bypass outlook and setup files.

Step 4 of advanced scheduling is “select attendees,” where you can add people as attendee or host, after creating them as contact. They must also have an account with webex.

Notes you could create a custom meeting, then email invite to yourself, and paste THAT into outlook meeting.

Under “my webex” tab, there is a “my files” in left column, and there is green upload arrow to let you upload ppt you have saved as ucf.
Can’t do .ucf presentations on a mac. (Cant make?)

Takes about 24 hours for session detail reports to move from preliminary to fully processed.
(Under “my reports”)

Karen Notes best way to share video you don’t own is as web content. But this opens web page up to viewers clicking around on page.

Q: Can we create events if we dont want open access collaboration? Or is this a big no no?

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