* I’d originally thought I’d use this blog as a list of interesting tech and software for coworkers (and random strangers). But most of my coworkers friended me on Facebook, so this purpose dried up.

* I also hoped to talk about multimedia tools and games I’ve made for certain classes. But there is some concern (sometimes) about exposing content that distance students are paying to access.

* Chris LaBelle and crew over at EESC have maintained a neat blog “Electonic Papyrus” on teaching and tech, and I don’t see any good reason to compete. Plus it’s intimidating to risk comparisons.

I think it would be best to start using this blog to list ActionScript 3 questions and discoveries. like, what’s the difference between “math.abs and math.ceil ? When would you use either?” Maybe I could also talk about parts of certain projects, in gory code detail, rather than expose the whole thing.

The dramatic flair fires in my brain, and i want to rename the blog to “Code Closure” or “Gory Ruminations” or “Questions and Random Shots in the Dark” or “Spitballing Strange Programming Practices.” … Which all seem a little dramatic. I’m not a great programmer. … Maybe stick with “How Doth Code: AS3 (Flash ActionScript 3)” for now. or something.