I noted that Chris LaBelle was maintaining an official sort of blog about instructional design, over here:

And it made me feel rather silly for babbling here about techie weirdness. I was reminded that i’m just some wacko ranting about 2.0 poops. He is classically trained, preparing articles about 2.0 poops. but. whatever! woo hoo! Met with the new Social Media Manager, Josh, today, and was reminded that i should check in and update these h’yar rants.

I met Josh through the local “Covallis Area Video Gaming Special Interest Group, Sponsered by the Software Association of Oregon,” which i’m currently managing. casually. this group is also known by the easy to remember acronym : CAVGSIGSSAO.

ho ho ho. I kid. A better name would be nice, and we’re certainly open for suggestions. if you’re interested in taking part,
join the email list here:
read slightly more here:

Once I sat around wondering what the benefits of SAO sponsorship were, really … so I randomly purchased figuring it would be a nice test bed for ideas on uniting the local community. ThisĀ  all ties nicely into today’s theme of dropping the ball on big ideas. wee!


I recently created a flash tool to help students learn kanji, both writing and remembering. Also put together a Jeopardy flavored Quiz show game for an upcoming non-credit course. not sure that i can just post these things publicly… but will look into it. currently planning to create a new tool around the idea of geography (map topography measuring). Snooping around to see what is already available. Ran across this random tutorial for a mess of dots and lines! wee! i couldn’t even tell you why i link to this. except that my mind is melty. and hungry for links. wee!