Do you have a 10 credit internship to complete? Are you interested in developing executive skills in hiring and staff development? KidSpirit is looking for three dedicated interns for this winter term who will be helping to evaluate the future staff of KidSpirit and making a valuable contribution to the continuation of the program. Many students wait to complete their intensive internship until spring term, but with the influx of other students looking for internships, stress of making summer plans and graduation, winter term is the perfect time earn your credits while cultivating your higher level management skills. Intern will be expected to work weekdays in the term and some weekends. If you are interested in this unique and exciting opportunity please schedule a meeting with KidSpirit director Karen Swanger or another leadership staff to discuss the internship. KidSpirit is located in 125 Langton Hall 541.737.5437

KidSpirit Leadership Staff
KidSpirit/Girls on the Run Office

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