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Weatherford resident travels to Guatemala with SIFE team  May 2nd, 2012

OSU SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is a member of an international service organization dedicated to using business skills change the World. OSU SIFE is ranked in the top 20 nationally and has 3 major projects including work on solving world hunger, helping people with disabilities, and working with entrepreneurs in Guatemala.

One first year resident, Abigail Dahl, had the opportunity to travel to Guatemala with the OSU SIFE team over winter break.  Here is her perspective about the trip:

“As a freshman from a small town, there aren’t many diverse cultures. However, traveling to Guatemala this year with OSU SIFE has given me a different perspective. I had the chance to help families start up businesses and tour coffee fields where they work every day. For anyone who loves coffee, you have no idea how hard these people work to make it! The experience has given me a look into another society and a way to appreciate the “small things,” like tap water.  I would encourage anyone to try this experience and look at life through someone else’s eyes.”

To learn more about SIFE and how to get involved, email Jennifer Villalobos at