The Summer 2012 edition of Tall Timber Topics is in the mail, but you can read it here first. In this issue of our quarterly newsletter:

  • Upcoming events: Summer Woodland Tour and Fall Mentored Management Planning Shortcourse
  • Tips for Seeding Woodland Roads
  • Know Your Birds (Swainson’s Thrush) and Your Trees (Bigleaf Maple)
  • Christmas Tree Tips: Insect Pests
  • Research Brief: Biofuels
  • New Publications from the OSU Extension catalog

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The spring edition of Tall Timber Topics is here. Inside you will find a page full of upcoming event listings, log  market updates, and even a little bit of tree poetry.

I am interested in your feedback on our newsletter. What kinds of information would you like to see? Suggestions on the format? Post your comments or send me an email.

The fall edition of Tall Timber Topics, our quarterly newsletter, is now available. Click here to download it. This issue contains information on seedling supplies, tax tips for 2011, an update on the Columbia County Forest Health-Human Health Initiative, a rundown of upcoming educational programs to mark on the calendar, and more.

As always I welcome your comments on the content and/or format of our newsletter. Comment below this blog post, or drop me a note. Happy reading.

The summer edition of Tall Timber Topics is now available. Click here to download and read it. In this issue:

  • Considering logging? Read this first
  • Green alder sawfly
  • Summer calendar of events
  • Blackberry management
  • Ask an Expert
  • Information about upcoming Washington County Extension Office move

Spring seems to be late in arriving this year, and so is the spring edition of our newsletter, Tall Timber Topics. But here it is at last. In this issue you will find information on new publications on soil management, weed management for Christmas trees, new online forest maps, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Producing, printing and mailing a newsletter takes time. I’m hoping that this blog will be a means of getting information out in an easier and more timely way. But for those who still prefer or rely on a printed source of information, rest assured that Tall Timber Topics is not going away.