The summer edition of Tall Timber Topics is now available. Click here to download and read it. In this issue:

  • Considering logging? Read this first
  • Green alder sawfly
  • Summer calendar of events
  • Blackberry management
  • Ask an Expert
  • Information about upcoming Washington County Extension Office move
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2 thoughts on “Summer 2011 Newsletter

  1. John,

    As mentioned in the newsletter, in September the Washington County Extension office will be moving to downtown Hillsboro, into one of the County government buildings (the Public Services Building, or “PSB”).

    The reason for the move is related to the County budget. Funding for Extension comes from several sources, including the County. Washington County pays our rent in our current office space. Unfortunately, with the dire budget situation that Washington County is facing, they have directed us to move into county-owned space so that those rent dollars can be redirected to other purposes.

    Note that the Columbia County office in St. Helens is not moving, in case there was any confusion.

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