Brad Withrow-Robinson, OSU Forestry & Natural Resources Agent, for Benton, Linn and Polk Counties

Most woodland owners love their wildlife.  Deer, bear, foxes, bobcats and all those birds of course.  An increasing number of people are adding native pollinators to their list of desirable wildlife, and looking for ways to improve pollinator habitat on their properties.  Just as they might already be doing for other animals. 

I recently posted a teaser blog about creating pollinator habitat woodland properties.  I described key habitat features, gave a few tips on how you might go about supporting native pollinator habitat, and promised more resources in the future. Which is now.

The Bees in the Woods website is a new Extension resource for woodland owners interested in helping our native pollinators.  It features a new “Bees in the Woods” video series along with some blog links and other great resources. 

We are still learning a lot about native bees in our forests, but this video series aims to share what we know. It helps forest owners recognize native bee habitats they might have, or opportunities protect or improve bee habitat within the course of regular, common forest management activities usinbg both active as well as passive management.

This series offers resources for both wet Douglas-fir dominated forests and our dry forest ecosystems.

Check it out!

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