Azure, I hardly know her!

Ok, I admit, that is a terrible joke, for many reasons. I have been diving into the world of Azure web-hosting for use with our Transfer.Me website project. We need something that works well for hosting a Blazor WebApp so our group decided it might be best to keep everything in the Microsoft family, for… Continue reading Azure, I hardly know her!

Blueprints for Code

Design is still on my brain, and rightly so, since a lot of consideration needs to be put into it. The word “design” for me conjures images of drawings and art, maybe a slick user interface layout. What does not immediately come to mind is core software code. Come to think of it, design is… Continue reading Blueprints for Code

Designers….make it work

Or some crap like that, I don’t know, never watched the show. With technical requirements under our belts, we are moving on to design. This is going to encompass UI/UX design as well as technical design aspects such as database design, software architecture design, and overall system workflow. There are a lot of things that… Continue reading Designers….make it work

Some Assembly Required

So….. I said in my last post that I would be working on an encrypted file transfer site called “Crypter”. That was a lie. Well, only kind of a lie. We are going to be working on an encrypted file transfer site, but it won’t be called “Crypter”. While Crypter is a fun name and… Continue reading Some Assembly Required

Hello world!

I have never written a blog before. That was my wife’s deal, at least for a while. Not to say that she isn’t my wife anymore (she is, why would you even think that?), but that she used to blog and now she doesn’t. To be honest, the writing here is probably not going to… Continue reading Hello world!