Hello world!

I have never written a blog before. That was my wife’s deal, at least for a while. Not to say that she isn’t my wife anymore (she is, why would you even think that?), but that she used to blog and now she doesn’t. To be honest, the writing here is probably not going to be as good as you might expect from a 30-something autistic person with a wife, toddler, and baby on the way, who works full time and trying to go to school full time. It’s going to be better. Just kidding, its probably going to be sh*t. 

This blog is going to serve as a repository for my thoughts, feelings, rantings, and raving, and general lunacy that I experience through the design and development process for my Senior Capstone Project at Oregon State University. If you were paying attention, you probably already figured that it was with Oregon State, since it’s in the URL, and I said I was in school. It would take a pretty special person to not put that together….don’t worry. I’m not judging you.

I won’t keep you long this time around, I will just end with this. I’m sorry. This blog will employ humor that may or may not be funny. I think it’s funny, so I will assume that you do too. If not….*shrug*.

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