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  • Labor Unions

    The pros for unions for employees are that it helps to reduce the wage gap for women and people of color, better job safety opportunities and they can be more secure exercising their rights at work without normal repercussions. The pros for employers include higher productivity, lower turnover, better communication and a well trained workforce. […]

  • Stress Management

    Overall results 108: A relatively low amount of life change and a low susceptibility to stress-induced health breakdown. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/career/coping-stress-management-skills-test Overall results 62: You often use problem-focused coping methods, you rarely, if ever use negative coping methods and you seldom, if ever, use emotion-focused coping methods. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/personality/type-personality-test Overall results 49: Moderate level of achievement striving, moderate […]

  • Compensation

    One example of a time that compensation has changed someone’s behavior is when I noticed a person temporarily left where we work because of another job with higher pay. It seems that once they got this summer job though, they stopped really trying as hard at their current job, knowing that they were coming back […]

  • Job Training

    The training that I found to be beneficial was when I originally started at my current job and was learning how to just do my job. It was very effective due to the necessity of needing to learn what I was doing. More specifically the training that was most effective was the training on developing […]

  • Effective and Ineffective Interviews

    Effective and ineffective interviews can make or break how a potential candidate views the company. An effective interview can look slightly different depending on the company or who is conducting the interviews, but there are ways that make them more effective. Having an ineffective interview will not help to gain candidates or make the company […]

  • Implicit Bias and Selection Process

    The test I decided to take was for age implicit bias. From my results it shows that I have a slight automatic preference for young people rather than old people. These results seem interesting as I normally feel like I do not have a specific preference. The reason for this is because I will like […]

  • Challenges With Job Descriptions

    The first problem I have noticed with job descriptions is that they can tend to be a bit vague. At least where I work, when doing internal applications the job descriptions give you an extremely brief idea of what you will be doing. This makes it hard to understand what will be needed of you […]

  • Best Companies 2020

    The first company that I looked at was The Hilton. Employees seemed to say things such as wonderful, values and balance. Within the management of the Hilton they give anyone an opportunity and are able to retain the best talent in hospitality. The second company that was looked at was American Express. The employees seem […]

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