Labor Unions

The pros for unions for employees are that it helps to reduce the wage gap for women and people of color, better job safety opportunities and they can be more secure exercising their rights at work without normal repercussions. The pros for employers include higher productivity, lower turnover, better communication and a well trained workforce. As for society as a whole, unions offer more financial stability and lower risk of poverty in comparison to non-union workers. 

The cons of unions include things such as taking dues being paid out of the workers paychecks, discouraging individuality and pitting employees against the company they work for. These cons listed are cons for the employees. Cons for the employers include higher costs for labor, potential for a rise in strikes (which are legal) and there can be a decrease in human resource control.  

In this week’s materials the main contrast would be in terms of believing it was the only way to make changes. From everything I read it did not seem that way in most situations. Unions are not a one size fits all or them being around does not necessarily mean a business is at risk of their employees turning on them and unionizing. In some cases this happens, but not always. My key takeaway from this is that there are pros and cons to a union, but it does not always mean it is the best option. 

With the pros and cons it seems like unions really can depend on the person if it is beneficial for them or if the risks outweigh the rewards. Personally, I do not necessarily want to join a union. This is because I personally have no benefit, as of now, for joining one. I support people who decide to unionize and work towards that in efforts of changing a company. There is nothing wrong with it if done for the right reasons. For me now it just does not make sense to try and unionize or join one. I have a neutral opinion on them, but do see that the cons can be harsh.,their%20rights%20in%20the%20workplace.,poverty%20than%20non%2Dunion%20workers.

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