Job Training

The training that I found to be beneficial was when I originally started at my current job and was learning how to just do my job. It was very effective due to the necessity of needing to learn what I was doing. More specifically the training that was most effective was the training on developing my skills after the initial onboarding and beginning training. This felt like it was more beneficial because I was learning more about other areas of the store and the machines we use in the store. One training I can think of was learning how to be a backup at the service desk even though I was an order fulfillment associate. It was helpful because my first store was extremely busy and needed help. The training for this was also useful because I was able to do both computer and on the job training. This felt the most useful because without it I would not have known how to work the service desk, but I also would not have felt confident learning multiple other departments. 

The training that I felt was not so effective was the training on how to be inclusive. While this training is definitely necessary and should be done everywhere, it did not seem effective because it was outdated. This specific training felt like it had not been updated in many years and it felt like it did not represent more current years. While I understand that this training needs to be set in place, not accurately representing certain groups felt like it was not the best. It was something that you just watch a quick video and that was about all for it. This training is also given to us every year. We get the same training with very minimal differences. The differences are especially not included in inclusivity training.
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