Best Companies 2020

The first company that I looked at was The Hilton. Employees seemed to say things such as wonderful, values and balance. Within the management of the Hilton they give anyone an opportunity and are able to retain the best talent in hospitality.

The second company that was looked at was American Express. The employees seem to describe the company flexible, diverse and unique.

Lastly, Adobe Systems Inc. This company is described as creative, supportive and supportive.

One way all these companies practice HR is by using practices or systems to influence employee behavior (Outline – HR Management). Having these practices in place is helpful because when employee behavior is good then they will have a more positive outlook on their jobs. This also goes hand in hand with how I want to be as a manager. I want to make sure people have a positive behavior at work and will do what it takes to help improve that. If someone is having a tough time then I want to find ways to help them. One thing that does seem hard about being a manager is finding the correct balance between being helpful and overstepping. Of course I want to help and be efficient, but it seems like it could be too much for someone. Another part of being a manager that seems difficult is knowing how to balance yourself between employees as well as remembering what everyone needs in terms of support.

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