We are fortunate at OSU to have a robust Center for Teaching and Learning with skilled support staff to help us prepare our courses for delivery in multiple modalities. If you have not yet explored some of these options, please do this NOW in preparation for Spring term so that you’re ready to launch your class in a revised format if needed:

For a FULL list of ideas and resources, please visit: https://learn.oregonstate.edu/keep-teaching.

  1. Attend Zoom training Mon, Mar. 9 (today) from 12-1pm or Fri, Mar. 13 from 1-2pm in TYKH 207.
  2. Set up your lecture as a Zoom meeting and post a link to your Zoom class meeting on Canvas. Share your screen; use the shared whiteboard; and use chat for students to ask questions. If your laptop has a camera, you will also be able to stream your face if you stand in front of your computer. Students participating remotely can interact with you and each other in real time. Use your computer mic or dial in to use your phone audio.
  3. Record your lecture (at home or in the Classroom) using Zoom or Kaltura via Canvas. Here is astep-by-step guide for getting started on Kaltura. If you already have videos recorded, upload them to MediaSpace and link to them through Canvas.
  4. At the very least, post your lecture content (slides, links to online videos and readings, etc), on Canvas for students to access. If you’re not a regular Canvas user, here is aguide to getting started.
  5. Communicate with students using Canvas Announcements. These messages are delivered to their campus email address.
  6. Canvas has excellent tools for creating assignments and quizzes. These could range from the very basic (print this assignment, scan/take a picture, and upload back to you) to creating a “quiz” (Canvas’s word for any type of question you want them answer by typing into a box or choosing a multiple/choice, T/F-type response).
  7. Use Canvas Discussion boards for asynchronous interaction or small group work. Consider setting upCanvas Groups and setting discussions to use those groups.

Help is available at: canvas@oregonstate.edu. I may also be able to field some of your simpler questions but the Canvas team in Corvallis is probably your best resource.

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