Blog Post 1 – Late to Class

hello, my name is angel tapia. i'm in my second-to-last quarter at oregon state university, majoring in computer science. i didn't realize that i could take my capstone class before the last quarter until a friend told me and i decided that it might be a good idea to do so since i wasn't so thrilled with one of my classes. it was 3 days into the week when i dropped that class for my capstone class so i'm starting behind.
on the bright side, i likely have a group and an idea of what we're going to be working on so i'm excited because my other class (mobile development) seems fun as well.
my typical interests in the field of cs relate to data and web development. my most recent project i have worked on outside of classes was a website i made to present my grandfather's artwork using aws services. before that i was working on a small javascript program that i used to learn how to interact with riot's api for their game valorant. now i'm curious how both my courses will go since i'm not familiar with anything i'm going to be doing.
our top choices for projects in capstone are all related to vr and ar development, which is new to me. but i have been a consumer of both for such a long time that i figured it was a good opportunity to see what it's like to work on them. the top two that i would personally like to work on are a simulation project or an arcade game ar recreation. they both seem like they have a lot of creative freedom and would be good for learning. maybe i will learn enough so that i can make something interesting in my spare time. 
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