Blog Post 6 – Dealing with Deadlines: VR Project

i have dealt with deadlines before, and i have dealt with deadlines while working with other people, but there was something unique about trying to make a game with other people and panicking before a deadline to show the first iteration of that game and what it will be like.

we wanted to have the first character you can talk to as a way to demo what the game will be like. i was in charge of the game’s story script and the voice recognition script, and that went somewhat smoothly for not having any experience with either. but then we needed to redo the how the ui is called so that it fits with the other scripts. like i said, we don’t have much game dev experience.

this was the first time i have ever applied async and await and that actually caused issues with the ui. we spent many hours trying to fix that. then right before we were getting ready to turn in the apk we tested it on ours quests. the voice recognition wasn’t working.

the whole time we were making this project we had been testing it in unity, not by putting the apk directly on the quest. so we never ran into this issue, and i was under the impression that my script was ready to go. since this issue was only happening when we played it this way, i couldn’t look at any debug logs to see how far the code was getting.

my panic levels were high, and so were my team’s. we had less than two hours before our deadline and the most important part of our game wasn’t working. i sat there and thought through why that might happen, and the first obvious thing was an issue with the api key. i have it reading from a file, and that works fine when testing the game on a computer, but maybe that doesn’t work when the game is on the quest. so i directly input the api key and it worked.

so we turned in what we wanted, and a big part of our project is figured out. now we have 4 weeks to iterate and make it as good as it can be. i’m excited to see how it turns out.

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