Blog Post 8 – Feelings that come with a deadline

i have written a couple times about deadlines and the panic that comes with them. i thought back to all the times i had deadlines at work, and i can’t think of a time where i felt more nervous there than at school. there’s just something special about the panic that i get over not completing something on time for a good grade.

talking to my team about it, i noticed that i didn’t feel all that stressed. i’m actually not sure how polished this project will be, but yet i am not all that worried about it. i thought about it a lot today, and i get the feeling that it has something to do with group projects.

in high school and in the beginning of college i would put a lot of effort into finishing and perfecting a group project, even if i had to put in way more work than my teammates. i have since changed that approach, and even if the end result wasn’t the best, i would still get a good grade. and i didn’t need to stress to get it.

so now, on the biggest project i have worked on in school, i trust my team to do good work. but if we don’t live up to the high goals that we set, which might be likely given how little time we have left, i know that my grade will be fine, and that i will be proud of the effort i put in. i came in to this project having no experience with any of it, so i’m happy with what we have accomplished.

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