Writing Exercise #8

Step 1: 

I found the vaginal microbiota community to be the most interesting that we have learned about so far. I hate that it has been so understudied, and I feel that by educating myself about it, I can help improve understanding for all those who I come across.

I also thought that the studies that explained how H. pylori work in the body were very interesting. It intrigues me that one microorganism can have so many effects on the host, good or bad.

I also found the last writing post to be intriguing. I did not realize that the mode of delivery had such an impact on the gut microbiota of an infant. That is a topic I could see myself enjoying while I study it.

Step 3:

The fact that there are doctors who do not recognize the vaginal microbiota as being harmful or even worth studies speaks volumes for how the American research and political community does not value women. They do not want to put the money or time into identifying bacteria that do not affect the white male. There have been several markers that aid doctors in identifying if women have these pathogenic microorganisms. From what I can remember from class last week, these include 1. acidic vaginal secretion, 2. a fishy odor, and 3. a yellowish discharge.

Part 4:

I need to do more research about vaginal microbiota. I also will start a notes sheet that has everything I have gathered so writing the paper will be much easier for me. I like the topic that I chose, and I am excited to be more knowledgeable about the microbiota that affects my health.

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