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As a Summer Scholar, I work with the Oregon Coastal and Ocean Information Network (OCOIN). Updating their Coastal Research Explorer tool and leaving my mark on it is one of my most significant tasks this summer. The tool uses ArcGIS, featuring an interactive map to present research along the Oregon coast. ArcGIS is software that I have not worked with before, but I have hoped for the chance to learn it. With OCOIN staff, I have had one-on-one trainings, tutorials to complete on my own, and an in-depth opportunity to put these skills to use as I updated the Coastal Research Explorer tool. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn such useful software in my field, fulling one of my goals this summer of learning a technical skill that I can add to my resume. With OCOIN, I have learned additional software skills, learning ESRI’s Survey123, Mailchimp, and becoming more proficient with the programming language R.

Working remotely, I get to take breaks in my garden.

Over that past year and a half, I have gotten used to working remotely. However, before this summer, remote work could get lonely. Working with OCOIN, I have daily meetings with staff and Zoom work parties with the other intern Charlotte. As a Summer Scholar, I have learned a new, more inspiring form of remote work, collaborating with those in my network.

Prior to my internship, I wished I realized that professional development could come from additional sources other than those directly related to OCOIN. While getting acquainted with OCOIN staff and tools, there was some lag time before I could work on my projects. I was invited to outside organization meetings, informational interviews, and offered training materials during this time. I was assured that while I could not start my projects yet, professional development was equally important. It has felt amazing to feel support during my internship to learn what I need. One of these learnings has been a deeper knowledge of the programing language R, even though it didn’t directly relate to my placement with OCOIN. Since this onboarding period, I have been quite busy with my OCOIN projects and have still been able to work through the expectations laid out for me while also fulfilling some additional professional goals for the summer.

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