What a time to be alive…

Hello Folks, 

I hope everyone is doing well. The past two weeks have been interesting. My perspective of science policy has changed a bit. At first, I was uninterested in the topic and my lack of interest in science policy has grown. I was under the impression that I wanted to pursue a career in science policy. This internship has introduced me to the ins and outs of science policy. I am not as interested as I thought I was. Additionally, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) has provided me the opportunity to learn more about policy. Like I mentioned before, it is my forte. I have learned enough to understand it Is not my favorite. Therefore, I do not think I could continue with this line of work. I would like to work with the public, but that would consist of outreach and interpretative work. I wish to stay away from policy. I would like to add that through this experience, I learned how hard working with the public can be. Like my intern-friend, Jessica, I will never turn down a survey. I understand the struggles of speaking to strangers and asking to fill out a survey. This can be difficult; however, I will try to fill out any survey I encounter. Lastly, I have had the opportunity to travel to Cape Falcon. This is another marine reserve location, and one of the furthest. It is two hours away from Newport. I have been enjoying the view and the people have been nice. I hope all the interns continue to excel and finish off the internship strong! 

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