OCOIN day in the life

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the Summer Scholars program! As an intern at OCOIN (Oregon Coastal and Ocean Information Network) my days often begin with a zoom meeting. The type of meeting changes daily, depending whether it is the technical, outreach, or executive team checking in. We discuss progress on projects like updating research in our Coastal Research Explorer tool, creating newsletters for the OCOIN network, and drafting budget proposals. Often after meetings, I meet with my summer scholar colleague, Joshua, over zoom and work together on our daily tasks. Bouncing ideas off each other over zoom is my favorite part of the job so far!

OCOIN is based in Oregon, yet steering committee members are scattered around the world; our zoom meetings bridge the distance between cities throughout Oregon to as far away as Bermuda, New York, and California. While the time zone differences can sometimes make scheduling difficult, I really enjoy how working remotely can still connect the OCOIN team.

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