A Day in the Life of Jenna Livingston

This summer I’m working with the Oregon Coastal and Oceanic Information Network (OCOIN) and aiding in improving their website and updating research information. I typically work four hour shifts Monday through Friday and often use my best judgement for what tasks should be completed first. Every Friday, the other interns, Em and Angela, join me in a Zoom meeting to reflect on what we’ve done during the week, help each other with resumes and overall success in our professional goals, and occasionally talk about books. Turns out we all really like fantasy! I also check in with my supervisor every Monday to make sure I have the resources I need for the week and receive further direction if it was not clear.

Listening to music and audiobooks helps keeps me motivated during my work shifts, and I like to take breaks to stretch and play with my dogs. The main downside of my routine during COVID-19 would probably be emailing questions instead of being able to ask in person. Zoom has been super helpful with this, but we still have to schedule times instead of all being together. An upside to this routine is that my hours are determined by me, which has been pretty nice considering my brother has had various car problems and I’ve had to pause work to help him!

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2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Jenna Livingston

  1. Making your own hours is definitely a work-from-home perk, but refreshing email in hopes of getting a question answered is a downside for sure. Do you find yourself being more proactive in terms of anticipating questions, or troubleshooting on your own because it takes longer to get feedback?

  2. I think I more often than not try to troubleshoot on my own. It’s sort of been ingrained in me as an engineering student to try and solve problems without help. Unless I am totally lost and don’t have the slightest clue where to start, then I do ask for help! :)

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