So much to do.

I am blessed to be an Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar. This summer I’ll be learning about the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and how it applies to Salmon and Steelhead hatcheries. Using what I learn I will develop educational programs to help better understand the beneficial and detrimental effects of hatcheries.

This summer I’ll be living in one of Portland State University residential hall. It is located near a bus route where I can hop on and start exploring the different parts of Portland. So far this weekend, I was able to explore the North and East parts. There are many more parts of Portland I haven’t explored. I still want to see and explore the rest of Portland and Oregon before the end of my summer here. Another thing I love about Portland is the variety of food places and food cart. Some blocks are filled with food carts. The food was amazing. I can’t wait to try them all.

In addition, every Saturday there is a huge farmers market right by campus. They sell a lot of local produce, from fruits, pastries, flowers and many more. It is never dull in Portland. There are events all over town.

I love to get lost and wander around Portland. There are so much things to see. I look forward to trying more food and learning more about the endangered species act.

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3 thoughts on “So much to do.

  1. Welcome to Portland, and I’m glad you’re already getting out to explore the city! And yes, that farmer’s market by PSU is one of the bigger ones in town, so I’m glad you’ve already discovered it! Another one you might find fun is the Portland Saturday Market by the water front :)

  2. Salmon and steelhead education, coupled with Portland exploration, sounds like a perfect Oregon summer experience! Good luck with both things.

  3. The food carts are one of my favorite things about Portland! Glad you discovered them so early on. Looking forward to learning more about your project over the summer.

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