Week 8

It’s getting to be that time where we can all start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is so sad! Only two more weeks in Oregon and there is still so much I wish I could have done/seen. I won’t get too nostalgic just yet though.

Week 8 was filled with presentation and poster prep. My blog post for Week 9 will be all about the presentations for the EPA and Sea Grant. Katie and I have our presentation for the EPA this coming Tuesday.

This past weekend I went to Corvallis and got a tour of the OSU campus. I really liked it and will definitely be looking more into the OSU graduate school. Also, Corvallis has a pretty awesome farmers market!

On Sunday Angus and I went to Neptune (just south of Newport) at low tide with Jody to look at some amazing rock formations and tide pools! I saw my first wild sea stars and more anemones than I’ve ever seen before. There was also a really cool cave called Creature’s Cave. It had a great view when looking out of it but it was definitely pretty creepy inside. There was a pretty beat up mattress, lots of mail (Todd Graham I think your mail is being delivered to the wrong place…) and a bunch of very…interesting graffiti. If you are adventurous you can camp out in there!

Starfish at Neptune during low tide

Starfish and anenomes at Neptune during low tide

View of the Pacific Ocean from Creature's Cave

View of the Pacific Ocean from Creature’s Cave




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3 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. The cave sounds both awe-inspiring as it teems with life and saddening as it teems with human litter. Glad to hear you are checking out OSU for graduate school. Oregon Sea Grant has opportunities for graduate students too, so be sure to check us out again if you decide to lengthen your stay in Oregon.

  2. Glad you got to experience some tidepool creatures in their natural element. Good luck with the presentations!

  3. I can’t believe you’ve lived in Newport for 8 weeks and hadn’t seen a wild sea star! I’m glad you remedied this before taking off back to the east coast.

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