The beginning of life after school

After being in school for the past 22 years I am finally out! Well, out for now at least. Who knows when grad school will pop into the picture? After my Summer Scholars experience last summer adulthood began with a two month trip to Australia and New Zealand. Rough, right? These countries are absolutely stunning. I could fill this entire page with pictures from that trip, as I have thousands, however, I will just share a few with you today.





Milford Sound, NZ 12109110_10153657613917421_753875017114987196_n









Rotorua, NZ










Tongariro Alpine Crossing, NZ 12088573_10153657612827421_8755840072201610345_n









Kaikoura, NZ









Hobbiton, NZ 12072740_10153657611592421_2928379713933009894_n












Milford Sound, NZ




Phillip Island, AUS 12006369_10153596757752421_3768832244041600302_n

Meeting my first kanga in Australia!

It appears I ended up sharing a few more photos than I originally intended, but it’s too difficult to narrow them down!

After the vacation of a life time, I returned to Oregon and began working part-time for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) and part-time for Oregon Sea Grant (OSG). I am continuing the position I had as a Summer Scholar with ODFW last summer with Marine Reserves Human Dimensions under my mentor Tommy Swearingen. For this position I data mine through literature and write reports for ODFW largely focusing on Oregon coastal communities. I am also employed through OSG as the Summer Scholars Liaison. This has been a fascinating opportunity to experience the program from the other side and learn more about OSG’s inner workings. I can’t give anything away, but I can promise that we will have some fantastic 2016 Summer Scholars from the applications we have received!

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One thought on “The beginning of life after school

  1. Haley, we are so glad to have your help here at Oregon Sea Grant! You have boosted the summer scholars program already, and I am excited to see where you will take it throughout the summer. Thanks for sharing some pictures of your time in Australia and New Zealand. WOW! They are stunning. I would have to say my favorite is the steamy one from Rotorua, and of course the one with you and a kangaroo!

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