Pit Traps for the Mudflats

This week was great for field experience. I spent a majority of the time working in the mudflats deploying pit traps (24 in total). Multiple field days, waking up at the early hours, and trekking through the mud has been both tiring and rewarding. I have learned about capture methods for crabs and also have been looking into new methods for panoramic/stereoscopic filming (will have more information next blog). Also it has been long awaited, but in the middle of this coming week I will have some video footage of the crabs from the experimental pit traps from last week. Found some very interesting footage of a crab which, from what we believe, is trying to crack open his shell to molt. Spending the 4th of July in Oregon was wonderful as well. The fireworks show may not have been an Indiana show, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Example of pit trap for size selection of Dungeness crabs

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