Week Nine

So my presentation was last Friday.  It was nice having the chance to see Catherine and Sam, the Sea Grant Scholars working at Bandon and OIMB.  I must say everyone did an amazing job presenting.  What surprised me though is I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I normally get before presentations.  I feel that everything went smoothly during it as well.  A few things I know I could improve upon include looking up at the audience more.  Shelby, one of my REU neighbors was in the audience taking pictures during my presentation and I don’t think there was one where I was looking up, though I know I didn’t just stare at my notes the whole time.  Also I feel like I could have spoken with more inflection in my voice.  Once I had finished I really felt that I was sounding rather flat.  This will likely change though with additional practice and connecting with audience more.  I did receive a packet of feedback forms, which I haven’t looked through yet.
Otherwise I am mostly tying some loose ends and packing.  Packing is what I have been looking forward to the least.  I drive a tiny Honda and I have an entire house full of things with me from living in the gorge. Not only do I have to get all my things to fit but my father is flying out to drive back with me, so there has to be room for him as well. I’m looking forward to seeing my father though.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone from my family.
Hatfield really has been good to me; I took it granted at times.

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