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I’m busy…I’m taking an online physics II course this summer and the homework keeps a-comin’. So before I tackle that, I am writing this blog, listening to some tunes, and smelling some padthai cooking (courtesy of Lauren)!

Last week I met with about 12 other people from ODFW’s Marine Resource Program (MRP) to discuss what mapping interface would best suite our purposes. Specifically, we wanted to know which of the following three: Google Maps, Google Earth, or Oregon Marine Map. For those of you who don’t know about Oregon Marine Map and already have the Google Earth Plugin or are willing to download it, check it out: Marine Map is an excellent resource and I am amazed at the amount of information that’s been crammed into it. However, cons follow pros. The main one being that the last time I spoke to the developers they said they had some work to do on their end with embedding videos. So, Marine Map will have to wait.

Everyone seemed really in tune with Google Maps. I was happy about this because I’m much more familiar with Maps than Earth. I’m going to compile the videos and hopefully get the framework set up so that it can be used for all of MRP’s video resources (video lander, sled, etc).

In addition to the meeting I’ve been reviewing video and clipping highlights for my Redfish Rocks MR/MRP project. I’m getting pretty familiar with the common species out there – especially the ones that are easy to identify, such as the giant plumose anemone, sea stars (basket, vermilion, etc.), blue and black rockfish, kelp greenling, pink hydrocoral, orange ball sponges, purple sea urchins, etc! I love it!

I’m surprised at how long it’s taking me to go through video. The perfectionist part of me wants that perfect clip, but in reality, what’s perfect?? There is SO much diversity out there. Every video I look at is unique.

This weekend I went SAND BOARDING with the gang! I honestly shy away from ‘extreme’ sports (yes, I consider that extreme) so I was super surprised that it was SO FUN! I recommend the smaller boards where the bindings are a little closer together – you’ll get more speed and have better maneuverability!

Sand boarding 


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  1. Glad to see you’re getting outside to take a break from staring at computers all summer. I really like your comment about searching for that perfect clip – what great insight into biology and the process of science in general.

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