By Linda Lamb

Andrew Thurber is a post-doc at our college with skills in outreach. Since coming to OSU in 2011, he contacted Mark Floyd for two press releases and skillfully framed them (how the most abundant lifeform on the Earth fits in the food chain and how a new species of crab ‘farms’ hydrothermal vents).

Our College did an article on his research about life beneath the ice in Antarctica. I learned at a recent OSU Storytellers meeting that Terra is interested in doing a  story that includes gorgeous underwater photography from his blog.

I asked Andrew to give a noontime seminar to CEOAS investigators (April 19, Burt 193), telling about his outreach activities and allowing plenty of time for Q&A. Jack Barth, Associate Dean of Research, will introduce him and speak about the importance of outreach.

Ideas on how you cultivate a culture of outreach among investigators are very welcome.