Developing an IPM Plan (turfgrass) (.PDF)

Practical lawn care for western Oregon (.PDF)

Irrigation Rates and Frequencies for Eastern and Western Oregon (.PDF)

Efficient Lawn Irrigation in the Intermountain West (.PDF)

Moss (.PDF)

Construction of Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields (.PDF)

Maintaining Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields (.PDF)

Low-maintenance ground covers for Oregon schools (.PDF)

Comparing natural and artificial turf (.PDF)


Videos on Turf Management

Primary Cultural Practices

Mowing (9:54)

Fertilization (5:52)

Irrigation (6:22)

Secondary Cultural Practices

Cultivation (6:56)

Pest Management (18:41)


Beaver Turf (Website)



“The three most important cultural practices for preventing weeds in turf are mowing, fertilization and irrigation.”   Alec Kowalewski, OSU Turfgrass Specialist

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