Developing an IPM Plan (turfgrass) (.PDF)

Practical lawn care for western Oregon (.PDF)

Efficient Lawn Irrigation in the Intermountain West (.PDF)

Moss (.PDF)

Construction of Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields (.PDF)

Maintaining Sand-based, Natural Grass Athletic Fields (.PDF)

Low-maintenance ground covers for Oregon schools (.PDF)

Comparing natural and artificial turf (.PDF)

Videos on Turf Management

Primary Cultural Practices


Mowing (9:54)


Fertilization (5:52)


Irrigation (6:22)


Secondary Cultural Practices


Cultivation (6:56)


Pest Management (18:41)


Beaver Turf (Website)



“The three most important cultural practices for preventing weeds in turf are mowing, fertilization and irrigation.”  Alec Kowalewski, OSU Turfgrass Specialist

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