Low-Impact Pesticides List

Low-Impact Pesticides List (.PDF)
List of products that meet the legal requirements of a low-impact pesticide.

ODA Guidance on Low-Impact Pesticides (.PDF)
How you can determine whether a pesticide is low-impact


Pesticide Application Notification Form (.PDF)

Pesticide Application Posting Sign (.PDF)

Pesticide Application Posting Poster/Template with Notification & Record-Keeping (Word)

ODA Pesticide Application Recordkeeping Forms (.PDF)

ODA Checklist for Contracted Pesticide Applicators (.PDF)

ODA Checklist for School Staff Who Apply Pesticides (.PDF)

Useful Information

ODA Videos on Pest Emergency, Written Notice, and Warning Signs

Tips for Making Your IPM Plan Complete (Check your IPM plan and fix deficiencies!)

Declaring a Pest Emergency (.PDF)

All About Pesticide Applicator Licensing (.PDF)

Notification, Posting, Record-Keeping Requirements (exact text from the law) (.PDF)

ODA’s School Integrated Pest Management (IPM) web page (website)

Regional-Local ODA Contacts (website)

National Pesticide Information Center (website)

“Pesticides have an ever-decreasing role in an IPM program.  Most pests need food, water and shelter.  Reduce these and you reduce pests, as well as the need for pesticides.  The three most important cultural practices for preventing weeds in turf are mowing, fertilization and irrigation.  The less weeds, the less need for pesticides.”  Tim Stock, OSU School IPM Program Director

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