Our Mission

The mission of the OSU School IPM Program is to work with schools and those that support them to improve pest management while reducing costs, workload, pests and pesticides.  Learn more about the OSU School IPM Program.

This Website

This website is designed specifically for School IPM Coordinators and the school staff who support them in their efforts to reduce pests and pesticide use in their schools.  It contains materials and information on preventing and controlling specific pests, turf management, pesticides and Oregon’s school IPM law.

Contact Us

Tim Stock
OSU School IPM Program Director
(541) 737-6279

Kelly Ensor
Program Support Specialist
(541) 737-5508

OSU School IPM Program
OSU Horticulture
2750 SW Campus Way # 4017 ALS
Corvallis, OR 97331

“Everybody knows something.  Nobody knows everything.  Although the individual may know little, the group as a whole knows a lot.”   Anon

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