Recent (or recently discovered) IPM articles and information


All you NEED TO KNOW about “Declaring a Pest Emergency


Two NEW Bed Bug Publications!  Bed Bugs in the Classroom  and  Integrated Pest Management for Bed Bugs in Schools

A research update: Public Health Importance of Urban Rodents (Significance of city mice and rats and everyday public health).

Cleaning Up After Rodents (Guidelines from the CDC)

“Domestic Rodents and Cockroaches:  Pictorial Key to Droppings” (See pg. 3 of these Keys)

Scientific Coalition on Pest Exclusion (See “Resources” section for some useful info).
We especially suggest:
“-Exclusion Essentials”
“-Exclusion: The Future of Pest Management”
“-Of Rodents and Doors”
“-Rodent-Proof Constructions and Exclusion Methods”


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“Everybody knows something.  Nobody knows everything.  Although the individual may know little, the group as a whole knows a lot.”  Anon

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