Recent (or recently discovered) IPM articles and information


EPA lists of Pests of Significant Public Health ImportanceMany pests at schools are on these lists.

Tips for Making Your IPM Plan CompleteTime to take a second-look at your “governing body”-approved plan and fix any deficiencies.

All you NEED TO KNOW about “Declaring a Pest Emergency

Two NEW publications on flies!  “Integrated Pest Management of Nonbiting Flies in SchoolsandFlies in School Kitchens

Public Health Importance of Urban Rodents (Significance of city mice and rats on everyday public health).

Cleaning Up After Rodents (guidelines from the CDC)

“Domestic Rodents and Cockroaches:  Pictorial Key to Droppings” (See pg. 3 of these Keys)

Scientific Coalition on Pest Exclusion
See the following under “General Resources” and “Materials Selection” sections:
“-Exclusion Essentials”
“-Exclusion: The Future of Pest Management”
“-Of Rodents and Doors”
“-Rodent-Proof Constructions and Exclusion Methods”


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“Everybody knows something.  Nobody knows everything.  Although the individual may know little, the group as a whole knows a lot.”  Anon

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