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SCARC Zines!

Zine from the COVID-19 at Oregon State University Collection

As part of a new zine video made to promote zine making kits at OSULP, SCARC zines were featured! 

Video: 2024 Zines at OSU Valley Library

OSULP Zine Maker Kits

OSULP Zine Kit Website https://guides.library.oregonstate.edu/maker-kits/zine_kit

List of SCARC’s Zines

Zines from MSS CorvallisLesbianAvengers

Corvallis Lesbian Avengers Collection ~ Necessary Friction Zine, 1996-1997 (3 zines)

The Necessary Friction zine, produced by the Corvallis Lesbian Avengers, features art and writing in a variety of formats that relate to the experiences of queer people, and especially lesbian women, as well as the activities of the Lesbian Avengers. This material was written by members of the Lesbian Avengers, as well as solicited from the broader Corvallis community.


Zines from MSS MC

Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection ~ Box-Folder 57.5: Disabilities, Students with, 1971-2021

Various zines pertaining to the disabled community at Oregon State University.


Zines from RG 243

Women’s Center Records ~ Box-Folder 8.24: Women’s Center: Wired Zine, 1994-2011

Wired was published by the OSU Hattie Redmond Women & Gender Center. The Center’s mission is informed by feminist theories and lessons, we are committed to creating spaces of community, supporting advocacy, and developing student leaders who actively contribute to building feminist futures.

Issues of Wired are available online via ScholarsArchive@OSU: Wired Issues


The Scab Sheet, 2017-2018 (3 issues)

The Scab Sheet, 2017

Physical copies are available in the Oregon Multicultural Communities Research Collection and digital copies are available via Oregon Digital: The Scab Sheet: Islamaphobia Edition, Spring 2017; The Scab Sheet: Vol 2, 2018; and The Scab Sheet, Vol 3, 2018.


COVID-19 at Oregon State University Collection ~ Folder 1.4: The Benton County Quaranzine, 2020

The Benton County Quaranzine was compiled by the staff of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library and consists of submissions from area residents collected from June 1 to November 2, 2020, focusing on life during the pandemic and the era’s political unrest. The resulting print publication includes drawings, cartoons, collages, photographs and other artistic renderings, as well as essays and poems.

Contributors to the project were: Quinn Andreas, Ellen Beier, Jack Compere, Molly Curry, Tru Denton, Sarah Finkle, David Grube, Mari Beth Hackett, Forrest Johnson, Charlie Kelso, Colleen Kitchen, Erin MacAdams, Nancy Chestnut Matsumoto, Orion Olson, John Otto, Vic Russell, Linda Varsell Smith, Karen Stephenson, Kim Thackray, Marvel Vigil and Marion J. Whitney.